DECOHERENCE Strategic Multiplayer Twin-Stick Shooter Revealed by Efecto Studios

DECOHERENCE Strategic Multiplayer Twin-Stick Shooter Revealed by Efecto Studios

Bogotá, Colombia – Colombian independent developer Efecto Studios revealed Decoherence, a competitive action/strategy game where you build robots, devise a battle plan and fight alongside them.

Decoherence plays like a twin-stick shooter, but is a strategy game at its core. You build robots using components you’ve collected, place them on the arena, configure their AI and fight alongside them against an opponent with their own team of robots.

Decoherence is Efecto Studios’ dream project made into reality, their first original IP; here the team is pouring all of the lessons learned from the past 10 years of projects into the game. Efecto’s original plans are to self-publish the project, regardless, the team is also evaluating offers from several publishers.

Details and gameplay are yet to be revealed, but for now, what can be said is that Decoherence will provide a competitive online experience mixing frantic action with strategy and deep tactics, making it a pretty unique take on the genre. Two matches will never be the same because skill is a factor that has almost as much weight as strategizing.
Miguel Posada, Game Designer and co-founder at Efecto Studios.

We’ll soon announce more details about the game, but for now, we can only be grateful to be here. We suggest that other studios learn as much as they can from co-developing with the best possible partner studios they can find, so that later they can put those lessons (and saved money) into practice and become their own client. It’s a path as challenging as it is satisfying.
Eivar Rojas, CEO and co-founder at Efecto Studios.

Watch the Decoherence Alpha Teaser:

The development team has opened the call to be part of the first round of alpha testing, so everybody wanting to join is welcomed to register on this form. Decoherence is being developed for Steam.