DEATH STAIR E3 2016 Screens and Video Revealed by RnD Labs

DEATH STAIR E3 2016 Screens and Video Revealed by RnD Labs

Developer RnD Labs has released their E3 2016 video and screenshots for Death Stair.

Death Stair is a competitive multiplayer stair climbing game for up to four players. The game pits one player in a cannon against three others racing to the top of a giant staircase. The Runners are quick and maneuverable, skills needed to make it to the finish first. The Gunner on the other hand is armed to the teeth with a variety of unconventional weaponry such as beach balls, mines, dodgeballs, rockets and bombs!

If you miss the golden age of party games or just want something a little different then Death Stair is the game for you! With the ability to play locally and online with up to 3 other friends, there are no friendships you can’t put to the test!

If shooting people with dodge balls, bricks and small explosives and watching them tumble down a staircase sounds like a fun to you, then Death Stair is a perfect way for you to live out your oddly specific interests!

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Death Stair Key Features:

● Ruin 3 friendships at once with our unique asymmetric 3v1 gameplay
● Dig your elbows in with up to 4 player local play
● Full online support means you can destroy your long distance relationships too
● A combination of 1st and 3rd person gameplay
● 3 different maps to traverse
● Get acknowledgement for your struggles with awards after every match
● Full controller support
● Smooth and soothing original soundtrack
● New modes and characters to be added for free in future updates

Here is the official Death Stair E3 2016 video:

Death Stair is slated to release for PC mid-to-late August and early 2017 for Xbox One.