DEATH SQUARED Cooperative Puzzler Now Out on Consoles and PC

DEATH SQUARED Cooperative Puzzler Now Out on Consoles and PC

SYDNEY – Death Squared, the cooperative puzzle game where a team of robots work together to escape a lethal obstacle course, has released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows PC and Mac.  The PlayStation 4 version has exclusive online multiplayer via Share Play.

Guide the band of bots through a treacherous testing facility’s increasingly-complex puzzles. One false move can trigger a trap which sends another player to their death. Communicate and problem-solve together to successfully direct the robots to their respective exits.

All bots are needed for each solution, so one automaton’s demise means game over for the whole crew. Fortunately, after every misadventure, the party is immediately respawned in their starting positions, inviting players to put their newfound knowledge of the stage to quick use.

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Death Squared features a one to two-player Story Mode, where Dave, a lowly technician at the sinister OMNICORP, and his AI assistant IRIS run the group of robots through a gauntlet of deadly challenges. There is also a Party Mode, which trades the campaign’s narrative for chaotic puzzles that support up to four players, and the Vault, a collection of especially wild and difficult stages sure to satiate those still yearning for more once the credits roll.

Death Squared was designed so hardcore gamers could share the experience with their partners, friends and family members who might not play games.” said Patrick Cook, lead designer, SMG Studio, “The response at shows and conventions has been fantastic, and the design is unlike anything I’ve seen, so we know we have made something truly special.”

Watch the Death Squared Trailer:

Death Squared is now available for PS4, Xbox One, PC and Mac on Steam.

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