Dead Rising 3 New DLC Will Be Single Player Only

The Dead Rising 3 ‘Operation Broken Eagle’ DLC was announced by Capcom last month and will come out tomorrow, January 21.

Dead Rising 3 New DLC Will Be Single Player Only


In an interview with Xbox Wire, it was confirmed that Operation Broken Eagle DLC will be single player only.

Dead Rising 3  Executive Producer, Josh Bridge, said,

“In “Operation Broken Eagle” you’re going in with a big military point of view and deadly weapons, including this awesome chaingun that just rips apart the zombies. We really tried to focus on telling a single-player story with this experience and all of the cool things you get with the episode, including the weapons and items and vehicles, can be used in the “Dead Rising 3” main storyline and in co-op as well.”

Bridge added,

“… there’s no co-op for each of the four episodes. We chose to do that so we could really drill down on a single-player experience and really tell that character’s story. We see and know that everyone really loves co-op, which is why all of those weapons and vehicles and stuff you get in the episode can be brought into the main game for co-op as well. So, say, in Nightmare mode, you can go into the weapons locker and vehicle garage and find that stuff there.”

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