Dead Rising 3 – New Co-op Character and Psychopaths Revealed

Capcom Vancouver has announced that Dead Rising 3’s co-op mode will allow players “to leapfrog the storyline, drop into another player’s game, and have the ability to play through chapters they haven’t reached on their own. Complete the chapter, and it’ll be marked complete in your next single player session.”

The following is taken directly from the Xbox Magazine:

Dick, your co-op partner – a big truck driver who just happened to stop in “the wrong diner on the wrong day”. He’ll be present in single player too, but may not actually appear alongside you as you explore, and seems very much the comic relief to main character Nick The Mechanic’s smouldering bundle of heroism.

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As reported by the Business Post, players aren’t obliged to stick together – they can apparently move “a significant distance” away from each other, which suggests that there may be a hard limit. We’re still waiting for confirmation on that front, however, so administer the salt as preferred.

No dynamic duo would be complete without a fetching range of enemies on which to unleash their talents. Like its predecessors, Dead Rising 3 features Psychos – ultra-tough baddies who hang around in certain areas, the beating of whom isn’t essential progress. In the new game, they’re themed on the Biblical Seven Sins – that’s Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy and Pride. Check out a shot of Greed below – he’s “one of the darker psychos,” according to producer Mike Jones.

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“The story behind the psychos is that they are survivors who have gone crazy in this outbreak, for whatever reason,” senior producer Jason Leigh told the site. “Their darkest monster is now allowed to come out.

“Since they are all modeled after the seven deadly sins, they tie in thematically together. I can’t tell you how difficult it was to come up with Sloth.”

Apparently, Capcom and Microsoft have had a bit of trouble getting certain Psychos past the age rating boards in certain countries – including Japan. “We kept hearing ‘we’ve found an incredibly offensive corner of your game, it’s a psycho,” Leigh remarked.

Psychos aren’t to be confused with regular human bosses, like motorcycle gang leader Hunter Thibadeuax – the latter form part of the storyline, whereas Psychos are just off doing their thing in a corner.

You can also view the game’s Day One Edition content reveal.

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