Dead Island: Riptide Preorder DLC Packs Revealed

April 23rd is launch date for Dead Island: Riptide and when it will receive a batch of pre-order DLC.

Whomever preorders Dead Island: Riptide will be sure to receive ‘The Survivor Pack.’ This cool pack includes the following:

  • A BBQ Blade: An exclusive weapon that combines a sharp blade with fuel tanks to make a flame-spewing sword.

  • An XP booster: This will essentially make your character level faster for a while.

  • A special shop: Players can access a discount shop that offers big savings on weapons and gear.

Did not preorder the game? No worries – for 400 Microsoft Points or £3.99 on PlayStation Network and Steam, you can still pick up the DLC. The Fashion Victim pack will cost 160 Microsoft Points or £1.49. 

Below is last month’s trailer of Dead Island: Riptide. It shows off plenty of combat, weapons and the game’s improved visuals:

Will you be pre-ordering the game? Let us know by placing a comment.