Dead in Bermuda PC Review

Dead in Bermuda PC Review

This is our review of the PC version of Dead in Bermuda by studio CCCP and the publisher Plug In Digital.

This is a true environment and resource management game, in which you handle a team of eight plane crash survivors who are trapped in one of the Bermuda islands. Not only will you be responsible for finding resources to survive, but you’ll also have to make sure that your survivors do not suffer from too much depression or else they will die off one by one.

The island is filled with exploration, dangers and mystery. You’ll have to get to know each one of your survivors in order to assign specific and relevant tasks appropriately, such as researching, food, drink and social conversation. You’ll find some survivors much more suited for certain tasks than others.

Dead in Bermuda PC Review

Your ultimate goal is to escape the island, and managing to stay alive while you’re at it. Players will have to monitor each survivor’s health, hunger and depression meters. In addition, you’ll have to try to cultivate great relationships between the survivors or else animosity starts to build up and that only spells trouble for everyone.

Dead in Bermuda contains elements of RPG, exploration and overall management. We found the game captivating and fun. The game can be played freshly each and every time all depending on the choices that you make.

Here is the Tutorial video that we’ve captured:

We rate Dead in Bermuda 4.5 / 5 and recommend as a BUY.

Dead in Bermuda is available starting today, August 27 for PC on Steam.