Dead In Bermuda Official Trailer

Dead In Bermuda Launch Trailer

The studio CCCP and the publisher Plug In Digital have released a new trailer for Dead In Bermuda, a survival-management game where the player has to save 8 survivors of a plane crash on a desert island in the Bermuda. Dead In Bermuda will be released on the 27th August on PC.

In Dead In Bermuda you manage a team of 8 survivors trapped on an isolated island. You will need to make them cooperate and bond in order to survive. Escaping the island is your ultimate goal, but the environment and its inhabitants will offer their share of surprises and danger.

To escape the player has to explore, build and develop. Explore a vast and mysterious island in order to discover its secrets and gather its vital resources for your group. Build tools and facilities necessary to maintain good morale and health situation for the survivors. Develop their survival skills and group relations: the survivors work better on the tasks they like with the persons they appreciate…

Here is the new trailer:

Dead in Bermuda releases August 27 for PC on Steam.

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