Dead In Bermuda Announced for PC

Dead In Bermuda Announced for PC

Discover Dead In Bermuda, a survival-management game
taking place in the deep end of the Bermuda, in a mysterious island…

Paris, June 30,  2015 – The studio CCCP and the publisher Plug In Digital have announced the release of Dead In Bermuda, a Survival-management game where the player has to save 8 survivors of a plane crash on a desert island in the Bermuda. Dead In Bermuda will be released on the 27th August on PC.

In Dead In Bermuda, the player has to manage the whole group of lost passengers on a desert island following a plane crash. It is up to him to organise the camp life according to his characters’ specific abilities.

Matthieu Richez, CCCP’s CEO highlights: “Dead In Bermuda is a unique mix of many genre we all love since always: management, adventure, RPG… gathered around a survival game. The focus is set on managing the group of survivors and their interaction more than on action.”

How to get away?

To save the characters, the player has to handle life-like parameters like hunger, health or depression. But also interpersonal parameters like affinities, animosities that will impact the gameplay along the game.

To escape the player has to explore, build and develop. Explore a vast and mysterious island in order to discover its secrets and gather its vital resources for your group. Build tools and facilities necessary to maintain good morale and health situation for the survivors. Develop their survival skills and group relations: the survivors work better on the tasks they like with the persons they appreciate…

Your survivors will not rest if they want to survive, even less on this mysterious island where strange creatures hide, holding a few surprises.

Francis Ingrand, Plug In Digital’s CEO: “Plug In Digital is proud to publish Dead In Bermuda in collaboration with CCCP. This new genre of survival-management gameplay promises an atypical experience.”

Here are the new screenshots:

And, here is the teaser trailers:

Dead in Bermuda releases August 27, 2015 on PC (Steam).

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