DEAD HUNGRY Now Available on PlayStation VR

DEAD HUNGRY Now Available on PlayStation VR

Q-Games is pleased to announce our popular Dead Hungry is finally out on PlayStation VR! Grill, fry, and bake your way to freedom in Dead Hungry, a fast-paced new PSVR title from the makers of the legendary PixelJunk series.

You are a fearless fry cook working double overtime to single-handedly save the world from certain doom. Using burgers, fries, a generous portion of side menu items–and anything else within reach–you can restore the living dead to their human form! Turn swarms of zombie schoolgirls, office workers, and sumo wrestlers into well-fed and highly functional members of society! Get creative feeding this unstoppable mob with food, phones, or anything else you please! They aren’t just hungry; they’re Dead Hungry.

Check Out the Dead Hungry Trailer:

Dead Hungry is also available for PC on Steam. (Requires a virtual reality headset)

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