Daybreak Games Celebrates DC Universe Online 7th Anniversary

Daybreak Games Celebrates DC Universe Online 7th Anniversary

Today, Daybreak Games is celebrating DC Universe Online’s (DCUO) 7th anniversary with in-game gifts for players:

  • 2018 Dark Spector Batsuit – All players who log in from now until January 31st can claim the updated 2018 Dark Spector Batsuit.
  • Emblems modeled after Dark Nights: Metal  Members can claim a unique Member box containing emblems modeled after Dark Nights: Metal, in-game posters of Earth 3’s epic Superman vs. Ultraman art, and an already-unlocked Paradox Time Capsule.

To top it all off –

Marks of Victory returns alongside the annual Attack of the Anti-Monitor Anniversary event. Both events will last through January 31st:

  • Marks of Victory – Players can earn bonus Marks of Victory, currency awarded to players though various PvE activities, to use toward unlocking vendor gear, base systems, and more.
  • Attack of the Anti-Monitor – Players can celebrate the anniversary with several new styles and base items, three new artifacts, and a new base pet to adopt: Krypto, Superman’s loyal canine companion!

Learn more about the anniversary celebration here:

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