Daybreak Games Awards Over $267,000 in Prizes at the H1Z1 Invitational at TwitchCon

Daybreak Games Awards Over $267,000 in Prizes at the H1Z1 Invitational at TwitchCon

Echo Fox’s Radek Pozler and Team eLevate’s Reed “inboxes” Outlast Twitch’s Biggest Streamers to Become the 2016 H1Z1 Invitational Champions of H1Z1: King of the Kill

SAN DIEGO – Daybreak Games’ second annual H1Z1 Invitational, featuring the massively multiplayer survival shooter H1Z1: King of the Kill, came to a heart-pounding finale this week at TwitchCon 2016, a massive event put on by Twitch, the world’s leading social video platform and community for gamers. In addition to a packed, standing-room live audience, more than 118,000 concurrent viewers tuned in to watch two gripping matches of kill-or-be-killed action in King of the Kill. Many of Twitch’s biggest stars, including Summit1g, LIRIK and GoldGlove, as well as the first official H1Z1: King of the Kill eSports team, assembled by Echo Fox, competed live for the ultimate bragging rights and a prize pool totaling $267,244.

In game one, when the green gas had settled and the last shots were fired, Echo Fox top player Radek, who hails from the Czech Republic and is known as one of the most aggressive players in King of the Kill, defeated eLevate’s inboxes to claim the crown. He took home just over $40,000 with the game one win. In game two, it was inboxes that scored the final shot, earning more than $66,800 between the two games. Inboxes calls Orange County home and is consistently at the top of the North American leaderboards.

The remainder of the $267,244 prize pool was shared between the other top 10 players from each round based on finishing placement, which included streamers Trick2g, OPscT, GassyMexican, SeaNanners and Echo Fox’s Mohamad “mOE” Assad. For full match stats, visit

Funding for the H1Z1 Invitational prize pool was generated by a portion of sales from the 2016 H1Z1 Invitational Crate, which included in-game skins with designs inspired and influenced by some of the top competitors. For more information on the H1Z1 Invitational and a full breakdown of the prize pool and winners, please visit

Watch the official 2016 H1Z1 Invitational Highlights Video:

H1Z1: King of the Kill is currently available for Windows PC via Steam Early Access. For more information, please visit, and follow the title on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Twitch.

About H1Z1: King of the Kill
H1Z1: King of the Kill is a massively multiplayer online survival shooter where 150 competitors are dropped into an enormous 100 sq. km map to scavenge, run and gun in the chase to be crowned king.

ESRB Rating: Rated M for Mature for Intense Violence, Blood and Gore, and Suggestive Themes.

About Daybreak Games
Daybreak Games is a worldwide leader in massively multiplayer online games and emergent gameplay best known for its blockbuster hits and franchises, such as H1Z1, EverQuest, EverQuest II, PlanetSide 2 and DC Universe Online. Daybreak creates, develops and provides compelling online entertainment for a variety of platforms. To learn more, visit

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