Dawn of Steel Releases New Behind the Scenes Episode I Trailer

Dawn of Steel Releases New Behind the Scenes Episode I Trailer

Flaregames, a leading international developer and publisher of F2P mobile games, today released the first part of an ongoing Dawn of Steel behind the scenes series. Dawn of Steel is a deeply tactical strategy game that is coming to iOS soon. The game is currently under development at Superweapon, Los Angeles, a young studio formed by veteran game developers who worked on prestigious strategy game franchises like Command & Conquer, Empires & Allies, Company of Heroes, and The Lord of the Rings.

Dawn of Steel aims to capture the essence of the real-time strategy genre for mobile devices: Players assemble squads of gigantic piloted battle walkers, called Rigs, and direct them on an assault of enemy fortifications. Success depends on tactical prowess, quick decision-making, and precise movement. This is assisted by the intuitive direct-touch control scheme that lets the player feel the mechanized power he’s controlling. To defend against these mighty armored behemoths, dealing destruction with surgical precision, is no easy feat: Players have to use cunning, strategic foresight and, again, tactical thinking, as base-building in Dawn of Steel is more than just unlocking and placing buildings. Commanders get to utilize stationary weaponry, which must be arranged carefully to maximise damage with overlapping lines of sight, and can launch automated counter-attacks through the use of unit-spawning buildings. They must align buildings within the effects of auxiliary installations to maximize their defensive potential, and this makes for base-building that is unmatched in tactical depth.

Here is the new behind the scenes video:

Dawn of Steel will release later this summer for iOS devices.

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