Daemon Detective: Gaiden Launches on Steam Today

Daemon Detective: Gaiden Launches on Steam Today

Developer  Yal and publisher Degica are proud to bring last year’s Indie Game Maker Contest winner (1st prize, non-RPG), Daemon Detective: Gaiden, to Steam today for Windows PC. Daemon Detective: Gaiden, or DDG for short, is a retro action platformer that blends some of the most beloved mechanics from games such as Castlevania, Mario Bros. and Ninja Gaiden to create the vibrant and action packed town of New Magma City. Join Yal as he hunts down 120 stolen paintings in a town filled with dangerous creatures.

New Magma City is inspired by Mumbai, India, where private detectives are more plentiful than police. This is a town barely able to hold onto the law, and the use of these private forces has become commonplace. When 120 paintings are stolen from the city’s largest art museum, it is up to Yal and his crew to track them all down.
In DDG, your goal is to track down 120 paintings, spread across more than 40 levels! Each painting is hidden behind traps and daemons, and it will take skill, speed, and timing to extract it safely. You’re not alone in your quest, though: Four playable characters with different strengths, dozens of powerups and a special shady coin shop to buy enhancements will give you the edge over the villains. DDG features multiple difficulties and full controller support for that age old retro feel.

About This Game

Dodge the carnage! Whack the daemons! Grab the paintings!

Daemon Detective Gaiden is an action platformer game where your mission doesn’t only consist of beating up everything. Pressing forward in one piece is just the beginning — your mission isn’t complete before you’ve tracked down every single stolen painting! With a whopping 120 of them on the loose, you’re gonna need every single bit of your wits and every single power-up you can carry. Do you have what it takes to become a Daemon Detective?

Daemon Detective: Gaiden Launches on Steam Today


  • Venture through eight distinct, hazardous worlds with unique challenges!
  • Unlock the secret areas for even greater challenges – if you have the guts to take them on!
  • Four different playable characters with different pros and cons – makes every play through different both in game play and dialogue!
  • Over a dozen different power-ups ranging from climbing walls to melee weapons, magnetic shields and projectiles! You’d better save up some coins…
  • Multiple difficulty settings – if the game is too hard for you, give it a shot with extra hitpoints or helpful platforms instead!
  • Spend coins collected in the levels to purchase helpful items and get past parts where you have trouble! That random guy running the shady shop tent seems completely trustworthy, doesn’t he? Right?
  • Native gamepad support, allowing for both modern and legacy controllers to be used! (Should be plugged in before the game is started for best performance)
  • Three different endings to unlock, each one giving access to a bonus feature!
  • Full color 16-bit visuals like in the good ol’ days!
  • Collect a grand total of 120 stolen paintings and 120 rank stars!
  • Includes Time Trial and Boss Rush modes for challenge seekers!
  • Unlock bestiary entries for all enemy types and learn a few things about folklore from all around the world!
  • Insane shoot-em-up action boss battles that will put your pattern recognition skills and your reaction time to the ultimate test!
  • Occasionally receive advice from humanoid penguins!

Take a look at the official trailer:

Daemon Detective: Gaiden launches on Steam today for PC.

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