Daedalic’s Skyhill Screenshots and Details

Daedalic's Skyhill Screenshots and Trailer

Imagine you’ve got it made. You have it all: mansions, jets, Deponia 4 and when you pass the night in a hotel, naturally, it’s in the Penthouse Suite.

Skyhill Hotel’s Penthouse Suite has it all as well, complete with a fully modern, biological safety system… which practically saves you in a fateful night from becoming the victim of a missile strike, that turns the rest of the city into a mutant apocalypse.

In short: Of all your previous privileges only a single one remains: Survive.

This is the premise of Skyhill, the new noir survival roguelike from Mandragora and Daedalic Entertainment, which will arrive for Mac and PC in Q4 this year.

You assume the role of Perry, the possibly last human being trying everything to survive in the eponymous Skyhill Hotel. His major goal is to reach the ground floor of the 100 – story building and to survive this nightmare. He can only achieve this if he skilfully budgets food, medicine and other supplies, which he finds in the mutant-infested floors and rooms of Skyhill.

The crafting and upgrading of food, weapons and supplies is a vital element in Skyhill. Therefore, the mere search for a chocolate bar can be terribly nerve-wrecking when you’re on the verge of starvation (you might be familiar with this from your offices).

To make sure that the exploration of the hotel with its multiple rooms won’t be easy, every room, enemy, obstacle and object will be randomly placed with every new start of the game.

Here are the new screenshots:

Skyhill will be released online for PC and Mac in the fourth quarter of 2015.

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