Daedalic gamescom 2016 Games and Our Impressions

Daedalic gamescom 2016 Games and Our Impression

Daedalic Entertainment presented its largest lineup ever at this past week’s gamescom in Germany and, being big Daedalic fans, we were very happy to meet with them and experience their games hands-on.

I was given a brief 22-minute presentation about all the games. I believe that Daedalic is heading in a very good direction. One of the games that really stood out in my mind is State of Mind, which looks like it has really great potential.

The Daedalic games that were presented are:

  • Holy Potatoes! We’re in Space?! – A roguelike space adventure, which is being developed by Daylight Studios
  • Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun – The tactical game with stealth elements from Daedalic Entertainment and Mimimi Productions
  • Silence – A modern adventure that takes players into the fantastic world of Silence, a picturesque world between life and death
  • Crazy Machines 3 – the newest installment of the award winning Physics-Puzzle series, presented by Daedalic Entertainment and FAKT Software
  • State of Mind – A futuristic thriller written by Martin Ganteföhr. The dystopian 3D adventure combines two diverse explorable worlds.
  • The Long Journey Home – The space exploration RPG that is the first project of Daedalic Entertainment Studio West and under the creative direction of Andreas Suika
  • Bounty Train – aAhistorical rogue-like train simulation game from Daedalic Entertainment and Corbie GaA mes
  • AER – A mystic 3rd-Person Exploration Adventure
  • Candle – A Puzzle Adventure in cooperation with Teku Studios
  • Caravan – Developed by It Matters Games from Berlin

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