Daedalic Adds Historical Events to Bounty Train

Daedalic Adds Historical Events to Bounty Train

Daedalic Entertainment, a leading developer and publisher of story-driven games, has announced the newly added historical events for Bounty Train.

As Bounty Train aims to provide a level of historical accuracy in its story, the player is bound to encounter figures and events from real American history. In terms of importance—this ranges from entering into business with Joseph Gayetty, the inventor of toilet paper, to helping Abraham Lincoln survive the infamous 1865 assassination by John Wilkes Booth. Yes, in the Bounty Train timeline, Lincoln can survive—and this depends totally on the actions of the player! It is also possible to change or influence other major events, like the Civil War. But the player has to keep his own best interests in mind as he holds his own place in the complex webs of power in frontier America: If the player is, for example, allied with the Confederacy, a breakthrough of Union troops in the Civil War might jeopardize train lines and revenue.

Bounty Train borrows elements from many genres (train simulation, rogue-like, business management) and uses them to build a greater whole, a new unique strategy game experience. It really is shaping up to be a masterpiece for strategy.

Take a look at several new screenshots:

And, here is the official E3 2015 trailer:

Bounty Train  will release for Windows PC via Steam Early Access on August 17, 2015 for $19.99 USD. The full release on PC and Mac is planned for Q4 2015.

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