Cute Puzzle Adventure GRAVITY ISLAND Now Out on iPAD and iPhone

Cute Puzzle Adventure GRAVITY ISLAND Now Out on iPAD and iPhone

Moenchengladbach/Germany, March 24th, 2016 – The wait is finally over! Starting today fans of puzzle and skill games can go on a topsy-turvy adventure with the cuddly creature Shiro in Gravity Island on iPad and iPhone. Together with the likeable furball they will venture forth in search of magical fireflies – the Lumies – and solve tricky levels by using Shiro’s unique power of influencing gravity to their advantage.

Today ILIKESCIFI Games and Clemént Willay Games as well as publisher astragon Entertainment bring a brightly colored adventure that is both sugar-sweet and very challenging to the App Store.

In Gravity Island 80 levels with steadily increasing degrees of difficulty await the player in four different worlds. Here he must make clever use of Shiro’s special power of defeating gravity if he wants to collect all of the skillfully hidden Lumies. This means not only frequently thinking outside of the box but also keeping a sharp eye out for the many traps and obstacles, that can otherwise mean a quick end to poor little Shiro.

Be it slippery frozen surfaces in the sparkling ice world, dangerous bombs in the fire world, prickly spear traps in the jungle or deep precipices in the dream world, the player will always need to keep his wits about him if he wants to maneuver Shiro safely through the game’s many labyrinths. How great that he can always count on the help of his floating mentor Seraphin!

Gravity Island is now available for iPad and iPhone on the App Store.

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