Cut the Rope Developers Focus on Quality vs. Quantity

Cut-the-Rope Moscow-based developer, Zeptolab, plans on releasing four new games, beginning with a new Cut the Rope-related game in April.

The company is owned by twin brothers Efim and Semyon Voinov.

Semyon said, “Our plan is to release four games this year. Some of them are related to Cut the Rope, and some of them are completely different. We wanted to keep this healthy balance, because Cut the Rope is our baby, and we want it to grow, obviously. But also we want to do new things — new babies.,”

His brother, Efim added, “If we can summarize our philosophy, our understanding of what a gaming company should be. For us, it’s quality. That’s why we’re very picky about who we get on board, and we really want our company to be associated with quality. We set the mark with Cut the Rope, and we don’t want to drop it down. We really don’t want to become a company that releases tens or twenties of titles every year. We want to have several titles, but they should be good.”

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Do you believe that Zeptolab has a good strategy?