Curve Digital’s Bidds Becomes Indie Partner

Curve Digital announced that its Design Director,  Jonathan Bidds, has now become its Indie Partner.

Curve Digital's Bidds Becomes Indie Partner

Here is the official announcement:

Jonathan ‘Bidds’ Biddle is well-known in the indie community – as Design Director right here at Curve, he has been the brainbox behind our biggest titles; Stealth Inc (aka Stealth Bastard), Explodemon and even the award-winning Hydroventure/Fluidity series.

We were really very excited to announce Bidds’ latest project White Space last year, which he has been working on since finishing the very-well-received Stealth Inc 2 and Bidds has an exciting dev update video coming very soon.

However, one of the most exciting developments in Bidds’ journey with Curve is his bold decision to go solo after 10 years with the company, and become an indie developer in his own right – forming his brand new development studio onebitbeyond.

What does this mean for Bidds’ relationship with Curve going forward? Well, not very much at all.

Aside from his new commute being up just a set of stairs instead of across London, and a new-found appreciation for his dressing gown as weekday attire, Bidds will be working with Curve in much the same way, only as a licensor instead of a paid employee. Ownership of White Space will transfer over to him, but Bidds plans to continue to work with Curve on the publishing of that and any other games that onebitbeyond may make.

Bidds had the following to say on the matter: “I’m so intensely proud of the work I’ve done as part of the incredible team at Curve over the past ten years, and I’m hoping to continue creating games as fresh and exciting as those Curve made with my own studio for years to come. Having seen the intimate inner workings of Curve Digital’s publishing as it has grown, I couldn’t imagine trusting anyone more with publishing my future titles. I’m looking forward to many more years of working with Curve as onebitbeyond.”

All of us here mirror Bidd’s excitement for the future of onebitbeyond and Curve Digital, and wish him all the very best for the future.

It’s not the end of our journey creating games together, more the beginning of a very exciting, slightly different one.

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