CUBE CRITTERS Heading to iOS March 29

CUBE CRITTERS Heading to iOS March 29

RedFish Game Studio (the developer behind last year’s eerie point-and-click adventure, Isoland) has a new game in the works: the aptly-named CUBE CRITTERS!

Cube Critters is a voxel-infused isometric action game where you navigate mazes in search of the King’s Crown. With 50 (count ‘em—FIFTY) single-player levels, Cube Critters’ so-cute-it-hurts art style and responsive touch controls are sure to keep you entertained – unlocking a huge variety of cuboid characters along the way. But why stop at time trials?

Already fun in single-player, multiplayer reveals the true potential of the game. Grab your Facebook friends for an impromptu race – or go head-to-head against complete strangers via the WiFi option. Speeding ahead is a sound strategy, but the versus mode also includes a number of *deployable traps* to slow down your opponents, Mario Kart-style!

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If that isn’t enough, you can even taunt (or cheer for) your opponents with a brand new emoji feature. Have some extra seconds laying around? Hit the opposition where it hurts with a well-timed angry face. Need to taunt your opponent? Go for the jugular with a mocking emoji.

  • Battle players worldwide through Facebook or over Wi-Fi
  • Conquer challenging mazes solo in single-player mode
  • Use a single finger to guide your character
  • Interact with your opponent by making use of props, obstacles, and emojis
  • Enjoy a vibrant 3D world with 5 unique environments
  • Collect gold coins to unlock new characters!

Watch the Cube Critters Trailer:

Cube Critters will arrive on the App Store on March 29, 2017. The game will be free and it will also include in-app purchases.