Crusader Kings II Patch 2.2.1 Details – SPOILERS

Paradox Interactive has released Patch 2.2.1 forCrusader Kings II, but beware as it has SPOILERS.

Crusader Kings II Patch 2.2.1 Details - SPOILERS

Take a look at the full patch notes below:

– Fixed bug where revolt vassals could become independent when the revolter died while having no heirs.
– Fixed bug where revolt vassals could become independent when the revolter died and had his realm split under gavelkind.
– Fixed bug where vassals in a revolt did not properly return to their former lieges after the revolt.
– The Iron Crown achievment will now trigger when supposed to.
– Christian Crusades and Muslim Jihads can now never start before the year 900.
– Fixed bug where religion conversion reset succession and crown laws.
– Fixed CTD in chronicle.
– Fixed bug where all event spawned troops that scaled on a target was MUCH larger than supposed to.
– Fixed bug where tribals becoming patricians did not properly enact the patrician elective law.
– Diseases can now occur before 867
– Enabled several additional tribe holding pictures ( including looted variants )
– Decadence now negatively affect your vassal limit.
– Fixed CTD in Religion Tab if you do not own sons of abraham
– Disabled the Depose Liege CB and the Weaken Fellow Vassal plots for not working well enough
– Fixed an issue where adventurers would no longer spawn fleets correctly
– Tweaked Gavelkind succession to focus more on the current capital duchy region for the primary heir rather than the “preferred” capital
– Tweaked Gavelkind succession to take no heed of what heirs will inherit from outside your realm
– Fixed OOS in multiplayer if all players did not have Charlemagne enabled.
– Muslims are now more likely to become decadent, especially dynasty members of larger realms.
– Fixed bug where the Straighten Up decision could be taken again after 7 days.
– Fixed bug where it was not possible to hand out viceroyalties after reloading the game.
– Resolved crash when opening war overview window in a revolt war.
– Fixed crash in law view when republics did not have all patrician slots filled.
– Fixed bug where the realm capital did not properly use the patrician elective law.
– Norse fleets can now travel through major rivers as intended.
– The Adopt Feudalism and Form Merchant Republic decisions are now divided into two part – one that is taken to adopt the new government form and upgrade the capital, and a second one that is taken to upgrade the remaining holdings.
– Fixed crash while hovering the call all allies button in observer.
– Tribals now properly get access to crown authority laws when they convert.
– Solved the CTD on Linux, no more need for -threads=1 workaround

– Changed the Shia and Sunni Caliphates creation triggers to require being independent or all lieges being the correct religion
– Religious head titles will no longer be created by the AI if the character cannot afford the cost.
– Decadence revolts are now slightly more likely to happen and have larger units.
– Fixed an issue with gavelkind where, if your primary kingdom or empire was titular, it could cause strangeness
– Fixed bug when characters inheriting revolts still was named after the revolt when it ended.
– The CoA for Italy, Hungary and the duchy of Finland is now properly reset in the later bookmarks.
– Somalis and Ethiopians now get their correct cultural retinues.
– Fixed issue where the random seed for decisions would be the same when pressing the same decision rapidly (giving the same character names for instance).
– Fixed bug with the comparison of culture name lists and religion name lists where name had to be in both lists even for names without religion restrictions.
– The Rise of the Shia revolt is now much bigger.
– Fixed bug where marshal raised troops would desert and take your money irregardless of the situation
– Fixed issue where some CB’s that should not be usable against viceroyalties were usable against viceroyalties.
– Fixed so you can’t get in a situation where you are at war and the enemy calls in your vassals to defend him.
– Added Scars, red dots and boils to Indian Portraits
– Baronies in a republic county capital now follows the seniority succession law, instead of going to the next doge.
– The opinion malus for having viceroyalties in your realm no longer apply for holy orders and mercenaries.
– Disabled some multiplayer sync checks and logging in singleplayer ( should make singleplayer slighly faster )
– Fixed bug with Elective Gavelkind for vassals, where younger sons would go completely independent
– It is now possible to change religion of your CoA, and it will no longer be randomized upon reloading the game.
– Fixed issue where norse DLC units where replaced by military orders DLC units
– Fixed issue where norse/saxon/celtic DLC units where being replaced by early units from Charlemagne DLC
– Fixed issue where Saxon early clothing from Early Western Clothing DLC was not used.
– AI emperors no longer give out normal kingdom titles to vassals.
– AI emperors no longer creates kingdoms unless there is no other way to manage the vassal limit.
– Creating a new empire now costs money, as intended.
– Clydesdale, Dunbar and Lothian are now Welsh culture in 769.
– Fixed bug where warscore in some cases got capped below 99%.
– Suebi retinues are now 200 Light Infantry and 150 Pikemen, with an appropiate bonus
– Suebi cultural buildings now have the correct description
– Fixed bug where tribal AI converting to patrician did not build trade posts.
– Now cloud saves are actually compressed when saved so no more save file corruption should happen.
– Fixed a bug with Gavelkind where the primary heir would not get the capital county
– Elective Gavelkind: No longer creates titular kingdoms for secondary heirs
– Fixed issue where non-christian dynasty shields from the Charlemagne Dynasty Shield DLC did not work properly.
– Fixed bug where viceroyalties reverted to normal titles when ending revolts.
– Minor localization fixes for the Hashshashin spawning event.
– Fixed bug where becoming a republic from being tribal gave the changed succession law penalty.
– Fixed bug where non-active titles got a new holder.
– Removed the “Tribe of” title prefix from titles.
– Fixed bug where mothers and spouses could not become your spymaster.
– Fixed tooltip for imperial administration duchy revoke effect being invalid.
– Added missing localization for regent being the same religion as the one you wish to convert.
– Added missing icons for the Haruriyyah decisions.
– Fixed bug where supply information were displayed wrong when loading a save game.
– Added missing localization for the Haruriyyah decisions.
– Fixed so corrupt councillor does not steal a patricians family palace anymore when handing out titles.
– Fixed bug where randomized names sometimes ignored checking the allowed name in the religion script.
– Fixed bug where all born daughters got a chronicle entry stating she is the firstborn.
– Consorts are now properly removed when changing to a religion that does not allow that number of consorts.
– Secondary wives are now properly removed (or changed to concubines if applicable) when changing to a religion that does not allow that number of wives.
– Fixed Kalat province barony setup.
– Clarified the calculation of liege levies in its tooltip.
– Fixed some bugs with Gavelkind in empires with held kingdoms
– Fixed bug where custom kingdoms and empires lost their pagan shield when loading a save.
– Fixed allow triggers for creating some titles.
– Fixed some female titles wrongly localized to the male names
– Corrected the tech requirement of getting rid of pagan homeland attrition.
– Tweaked the supply modifier of pagan homeland attrition.
– Fixed error in vassalization of holy order decision
– Usurped titles no longer inherit laws from the previous title if they usurped the title from within that realm or if they were unlanded.
– The Ironman-button in the lobby now correctly show if ironman is enabled or not.
– Fixed bug where titles could not be destroyed.
– Fixed bug where the duchy of Thrace was a viceroyalty while held by the emperor.
– Added missing newline in the Renounce Iconoclasm tooltip.
– Fixed bug where administration laws were reset to feudal when changing religion.
– Revolts no longer count towards vassal limit.
– Fixed bug where the Byzantine duchy revoke did not work upon reloading a save.
– The event where marshal raised raiders are dismissed now properly refers to your marshal instead of the court chaplain.
– Marshal raised raiders are now dismissed first after half a year if they are not in use.
– The convert to Andalusian decision is no longer available for Andalucians.
– Form a new Empire now require you to have either 3 kingdom titles or a realm size of 180, instead of both.
– Fixed an issue with the “Convert to Local Religion” and “Abandon Heresy” event triggers.
– Changed or expanded name lists for several cultures.
– The new culture conversion events and decisions no longer require the Charlemagne DLC.
– Fixed some Frankish characters in 769 start who were prematurely calling themselves French.
– Fixed some issues with Holstein province history.
– All byzantine emperors will now have clothes regardless of what DLCs are enabled.
– Byzantine children are no longer invisible when playing with Early Eastern Clothing Pack enabled and Mediterranean Portraits disabled.
– Fixed bug where combats with multiple units on one side would always pick the WORST leader for each flank
– You can now only complete the “Become Exalted Among Men” ambition once per lifetime.
– Fixed OOS if all players did not reselect their characters after the last player had loaded the save.
– Tribals will now upgrade towards castle if their liege is feudal and city if their liege is republic.
– Removed the vassal king opinion penalty.
– Faction CBs are now invalidated when the liege is in a faction.
– The Byzantine free revoke on duchies are now in the Imperial Administration law.
– If the Charlemagne DLC is enabled, the Byzantine free revoke on duchies only applies to Viceroyalties.
– Fixed bug where the Centralization law was reset to the first level when enabling High Tribal Organization.
– The viceroyalty status of titles are now reset when the top liege gets the title, instead of just the liege.
– Lowered the opinion penalty for feudal vassals for granted viceroyalties (was -5 for king viceroys and -2 for duke viceroys, is now -2 for kings and -1 for dukes).
– Vassals can now grant viceroyalties if their topliege have laws allowing this and they have viceroyalty titles to give away.
– The viceroyalty flag for titles now resets when the topliege inherits the title, not just the liege.
– Viceroyalty titles can no longer be given as a normal title to a vassal.
– Added missing decision icon for offering to help with lieges titles.
– Minor localization fixes for events.
– Viceroyalties now provide their lieges with fewer levies.
– Fixed bug where overridden tribal holdings were not properly removed.
– The decisions for forming kingdoms and empires now have their succession laws inherited from the base title.
– Fixed CTD when using the console to increase attributes and the target character was dead.
– Event when regent is in on plot to lower tribal organization now have the right localization.
– Crash fixes for total conversion mods when learning scenario characters did not exist.
– Fixed republican succession where the capital was not a county capital.
– Tribal buildings now show what castle and city buildings they convert to in their tooltip.
– Republics now use their succession laws properly for all their titles and not just some of them.
– Fixed bug where looters were able to siege several holdings in one province simultaneously.
– Fixed broken calculation of months when determining if the war is undecided.
– Fixed bug where characters selected before loading a save was still the selected character after the save was loaded.
– Fixed issue where the exported chronicle showed the wrong year.
– Fixed bug where chronicle entries were missing from the chronicle.
– Characters with portraits in the chronicle will no longer be pruned from the database.
– Fixed bug where filler-entries showed the wrong year.
– The call all tribal allies tooltip now tells you when you can not call tribal vassals.
– AI no longer changes viceroyalty laws to handle being over vassal limit.
– Tribals and pagans can now raid others of the same religion.
– Triggered modifiers will no longer be added repeatedly and will be removed when no longer valid.
– Fixed bug where succession laws inherited from viceroyalties defaulted to gavelkind instead of the intended law.
– It is no longer possible to destroy viceroyalties.
– Fixed bug where factions to change succession laws were allowed against viceroyalties.
– When copying laws from viceroyalties, the liege title will be used for copying the laws.
– Fixed bug where the mongols could enact the open elective law.
– Viceroyalties can no longer change succession laws.
– Pressing “G” when having several units selected will now merge the units instead of changning mapmode.
– Blocked several CB’s and plots against viceroyalties.
– Fixed bug where characters lost the viceroyalty-tag on their titles when they rebelled against their liege.
– Fixed bug where characters did not lose the viceroyalty-tag when they inherited their top liege title.
– Forming a merchant republic no longer creates a patrician of your own dynasty vassal.
– Mercenary costs are now calculated properly before raising them.
– Elective Gavelkind: Fixed a bug where claims were not awarded correctly on kingdom split inheritance
– Optimized message logging in Release builds.
– Fixed a bug where looter armies just standing around would prevent peace Prestige loss for aggressive pagans
– AI: Rebalanced raid propensity. Rulers with Prestige loss on peace are now more aggressive
– AI: Tweaked Prepared Invasion propensity slightly
– AI: Less likely to answer calls to arms if busy raiding
– Fixed an issue with exiled characters’ destination
– Added a revenge event for the sons of Lodbrok against Aella
– It is now possible to see all the laws of your lieges titles in the law view.
– Fixed exploit where the recently conquered modifier was not properly applied until the day after a holding was conquered.
– The opinion modifier for vassals for handing out viceroyalties are now only applied to feudal non viceroyals on duke-tier or higher.
– Fixed bug where the opinion modifier for handing out viceroyalties did not apply for viceroyals in the history files.
– The empty holdings modifier for garrison and levies are now calculated after the other modifier.
– Tribal holdings now get less taxes and levies if the province is of the wrong culture or religion.
– The opinion modifiers for being of the wrong religion is now increased for tribals against their liege.
– Right click now works on mac when using borderless.
– Family prestige no longer gives a bonus to vassal limit.
– The chronicle now closes when pressing escape.
– Fixed bug where the caliphate title could be given to vassals of the wrong religion, females and characters without the Sayyid or Mirza traits.
– Fixed bug where the 99% warscore cap was not properly applied in certain wars.
– Fixed bug where the AI did not end wars when at 100% warscore due to the recipient having previously declined a peace offer.
– Fixed bug where characters were not properly selected after loading a save if a character was selected before the save was loaded.
– Children created in ruler designer now properly counts as heirs to your titles.
– The decision to donate money to the knights templar now have its intended decision icon.
– Chronicle should now properly show birth of first son even if he has older sisters.
– Rare event that makes a vassal switch side between Charlemagne and Carloman should now work properly.
– Saxon Blood Court event no longer gives you the Crusader trait.
– Prepared Invasions are now enabled for Germanic Pagans with the start of the Viking Age.
– Added some more Celtic realm names to Britain.
– Several minor text fixes.
– Viking Age event is now fully compatible with old save games.
– Reworked system for Ramadan events. They will no longer pop in a bunch at the same time.
– Fixed DND-flag and pulled adventurers out of hiding while preparing for a war.
– Fixed Incorrect alpha for female muslim headgear fixed for the Early Eastern Clothing Pack DLC.
– Now allowed some more leeway with granting “contested titles” while involved in wars and civil wars
– Adventurers will no longer accept being invited to your court.
– It is no longer possible to use the succession changing factions against muslim lieges.
– Fixed bug where the characters in the era picker were unclickable after going back from custom game setup.
– Fixed bug where the pagan versions of Coat of Arms were not properly applied to custom created kingdoms and empires.
– Fixed inconsistencies in credits.
– Fixed bug where the same plot entry was shown twice in the plot view.
– Event spawned troops through the councillor jobs are now named Zealots, Raiders and Warriors.
– Various text fixes.
– Scottish culture event now properly converts province culture to Scottish.
– Added missing Romuva holy sites in early start dates.
– Cleaned up old tech system defines from defines.lua
– Adopt feudalism decision now require at least one in the Noble Customs technology.
– Found Merchant Republic decision now require at least one in the Trade Practices technology.
– It is no longer possible to form custom kingdoms when not being independent.
– The tribal councillor jobs no longer dissapear when having a regent.
– Tweaked triggers for Russian and Scottish culture emergence events.
– Tweaked AI logic for liege converting to capital province culture in some cases.
– Moved/added new dynasties to several cultures.
– Changed some early characters in history files from Dutch to Frisian culture.
– Revised name lists for early East Slavs.
– Corrected a history database issue where some Saffarid and Kabul Shahi subjects stayed Zunist after being subjugated.
– Ireland is now tribal in 867.
– Reduced severity of effects of unused and angry tribal event troops disbanding.
– Hiding character going celibate now gives spouse and lovers intended opinion modifiers.
– Adapted some Charlemagne story event triggers to protect against weirdnesses caused by using the ruler designer on major story characters.
– Changed trigger for Irminsul event to make it more likely to happen.
– Khazar rulers can now receive Jewish exiles regardless of ruler religion.
– Christian rivals will no longer reconsider their rivalry against other Christians unless they recently switched religion to Christianity.
– Pagan feast events reworked and should no longer pop in bunches at the same date.
– Tweaked triggers for Russian and Scottish culture emergence events.
– Tweaked AI logic for liege converting to capital province culture in some cases.
– Moved/added new dynasties to several cultures.
– Changed some early characters in history files from Dutch to Frisian culture.
– Revised name lists for early East Slavs.
– Corrected a history database issue where some Saffarid and Kabul Shahi subjects stayed Zunist after being subjugated.
– Ireland is now tribal in 867.
– Reduced severity of effects of unused and angry tribal event troops disbanding.
– Hiding character going celibate now gives spouse and lovers intended opinion modifiers.
– Adapted some Charlemagne story event triggers to protect against weirdnesses caused by using the ruler designer on major story characters.
– Changed trigger for Irminsul event to make it more likely to happen.
– Fixed issues in CB logic that could result in viewing wrong tooltip
– Now custom kingdoms instantly dejure drift on formation, however only if the dejure kingdom/empire is not created and if you completly control the titles.
– Custom kingdoms now cost 300 wealth instead of scaled wealth
– Custom empires now cost 1000 wealth instead of scaled wealth

– Reduced archer bonus during Volley Tactic ( from 300% to 200% )
– Shieldwall Tactic is now possible if a flank has atleast 20% of either Light Infantry, Heavy Infantry or Pikemen and atleast 20% archers
– Feint Tactic is now a Light Infantry Tactic, it is possible with atleast 20% Light Infantry and atleast 20% Archers and gives bonus to Light Infantry and Archers and a Penalty to Heavy Infantry and Heavy Cavalry
– Lowered Massive Longbow Volley Tactic bonus to Archers to 350% ( from 420% ) and reduced the 2 affinities bonus to 100% ( from 300% )

– Fixed another crash when modding away the learning scenario character
– Fixed bug where the match_mult condition in spawn_unit did not get the correct levies from vassals when calculating strength.
– Fixed bug where historical wars did not properly start up.
– Added copy_title_laws flag to the create_title effect (yes will copy laws from the base title)
– The priority_shortcut flag in interface scripts can now be used to define priority shortcuts. Priority shortcuts will fire before any other shortcuts.
– Added error log message for assigning is_viceroyalty in history where the title is owned by the top liege.
– Event spawned troops with an earmark can now be custom-named by using the earmark key and “_ARMY” or “_ARMY_OF” in the localization.
– Added define for first year to execute tech, used for optimization, needed for mods.

– Now norse_pagan does not convert to norse_pagan_reformed in converter3

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