CROWFALL Partnership Arranged by Travian Games & ArtCraft Entertainment

Crowfall Logo Gaming Cypher

Travian Games and ArtCraft Entertainment from Austin, Texas, are pleased to announce a formal partnership to bring the highly-anticipated massively multiplayer game Crowfall to Europe, Brazil and MENA. Travian Games will be on board as partner and the beta test starts in winter 2016. 

Lars Janssen (CEO, Travian Games):

“I couldn’t be more excited about the partnership with ArtCraft Entertainment and the opportunity for Travian Games to work on Crowfall. The cultural fit between our teams is amazing and I’m looking forward to jointly building a vibrant community around the game.”

“We received multiple offers to release Crowfall in Europe, but Travian was simply the best cultural fit. Travian Games has enormous reach, with millions of players world-wide – but they are still a game developer at heart,”explained Gordon Walton, president and executive producer at ArtCraft Entertainment. “This is key, as we don’t want a conventional publisher for Crowfall. We want a partner who sees the potential of our game, and won’t try to change it into something else.”

“Travian Games is one of the first, and most successful, pioneers in campaign-based gaming,” notes J. Todd Coleman, ArtCraft Entertainment CEO and Chief Creative Officer. “Crowfall is the natural evolution of that idea: A dynamic virtual environment where hundreds of thousands of players can compete for world domination and only one alliance can emerge victorious.”

A new type of massively-multiplayer online experience, Crowfall is a Throne War Simulator: a dynamic virtual world where kings, queens, mercenaries and assassins vie for supremacy using military strength, economic might and political power. Crowfall differs from standard MMOs in that each server represents a single “campaign” with a unique map, unique rules, and a limited timeframe. Each campaign lasts only a few months before one guild or alliance conquers the map and wins, and the players move on to the next campaign.

Riding the momentum of a successful Kickstarter campaign in March of 2015, Crowfall has established itself as one of the most successful crowdfunded projects in video game history, raising almost $2.8m in pledges from over 27,000 backers.

Here are the Crowfall Gods screens:

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And, here are the Crowfall Creatures screens:

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Interested players are invited to join the community on Facebook, Twitter or Google+. Click here to see a preview trailer of the game. More information is available on the official website.