Crimson Dragon – to Receive Update Before Xbox One Launch

Director Yukio Futatsugi has confirmed that Crimson Dragon will be receiving difficulty and gameplay updates before the Xbox One launch tomorrow.


Futatsugi said,

“I’ve heard the feedback on Crimson Dragon and plan to adjust the balance of the game before we launch on Xbox One this week. Crimson Dragon is designed to be challenging. This has always been my vision for the game. I want you to feel like you’ve accomplished something each time you master a mission.”

“To be proud of each dragon you’ve worked so hard to evolve to its ultimate form. My challenge as the game director is to find the sweet spot of adhering to my vision for the game while keeping the game from becoming too frustrating. Using the power of Xbox One’s cloud system, we can adjust this balance even after release. Based on the feedback so far, we’ve decided to make some changes even before the game is released.”

In case you missed it, check out Crimson Dragon’s Tokyo Gameshow video and screenshots.

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