Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire Launched by SEGA on Mobile Devices

Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire Launched by SEGA on Mobile Devices

It’s time to take back the city with your own Crazy Taxi company

San Francisco, London – SEGA Networks, Inc. is providing hope to local taxi companies around the world in their battle against PRESTIGE MEGACORPORATION and its infamous CEO, Edelbert Von Güber, as it launches Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire.

Developed by SEGA Networks, Inc.’s Boston (MA) studio, Demiurge Studios, Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire fuses the chaos of the Crazy Taxi universe with the very popular mobile genre of idle clickers. Boasting songs from the Offspring, 12 unique districts, dozens of distinct taxis, and 60 drivers including characters from the game’s first release alongside new faces, it is globally* available to download for free (with rewarded ads and in-app purchases) on the App Store for iPhone and iPad and Google Play Store for Android devices.

Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire Launched by SEGA on Mobile Devices

People everywhere can now reclaim the streets and defend their turf against the ridesharing hordes. Download and play Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire and prove that you have what it takes to grow your local (if not slightly crazy) taxi firm and make millions, billions, and even gazillions of dollars.

For those who prefer the driver’s seat, the original Crazy Taxi Classic is also available to download for free (ad supported) on mobile as of last week.

Good luck making craaazy money!

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*Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire is not currently available in Japan, Korea or Mainland China

You can download Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire for iOS or Android.

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