Cowboy Kenny’s Motocross Coming Out Soon

cowboy kenny's motocross


Cowboy Kenny’s Motocross is an upcoming game from Inner Sanctum Entertainment, an app development studio. The game will be released soon on mobile devices.

Cowboy Kenny’s Motocross features two types of gameplay: MX and FMX. The MX gameplay is similar to that of Nintendo’s Excite Bike. During this version of the game players will try to go from a nobody to a national champion with the guidance of Cowboy Kenny. During this mode features such as bike upgrades, power-ups, and customizations will be available for the player to have an experience suited specifically for them.

The FMX gameplay is more focused on tricks that players can execute with specific finger movements on the touch screen. Cowboy Kenny’s Motocross will be a free download for iOS and Android, and will feature in-app purchases and achievements. We will keep you posted with more information when it becomes available. Are you excited about this upcoming game from ISE?