The Counting Kingdom Review

Developer Little Worlds Interactive announced that its award-winning kids math strategy game, The Counting Kingdom, releases on mobile today. and we had a great deal of fun reviewing it on the iPAD.

The Counting Kingdom 62Review

*Considering that this is a kids’ game, we’ve had the expert kid opinion of one of our family members who is in 3rd grade play it while we watched. 🙂


Controls are very easy for little fingers – at each stage, simply tap on the right castle (stage) and then tap on the numbers that you need for each math problem.


This game really takes a look at how to make math more fun and interactive for children. Each stage presents its own castle and a hero to defeat the enemy numbers.  A great big YOU WIN “sticker” is displayed promptly as the child solves each stage, making him or her encouraged to proceed to the next level.


The storyline is a hero’s journey through each level, mastering each stage.


Graphics were pleasing and colorful.


The sound of The Counting Kingdom is very fun and was dubbed “cool” by our 3rd grader. The music itself keeps kids motivated and interested instead of just solving math problems traditionally on a sheet of paper.

Overall, we gave The Counting Kingdom a 5 out of 5. What a fun and innovative way to get kids to practice their math while playing and having fun at the same time. Well done!

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