Conqueror’s Blade European X Test Planned for March

Conqueror's Blade European X Test Planned for March

Over 10,000 players took up the gauntlet in first beta test

London – February 12, 2018-Booming Games announced today that the European X Test for the upcoming massively multiplayer medieval war game, Conqueror’s Blade, will launch in March and will be based in Europe. Players from other regions may encounter connectivity issues during the test. New beta keys will not be required; Players who previously registered may use their existing accounts. New players may register at

At its conclusion last week, the first global beta test for Conqueror’s Blade hosted over 10,000 players from over 100 countries. The peak concurrent user count was over 1,000 players. During the beta, 219 Houses participated in the Kingdom War event, and 23 countries were founded.

“We are honored that so many players really loved playing Conqueror’s Blade, and they gave us a lot of good advice during the beta test,” said Xi, producer of Conqueror’s Blade. “We’re working hard to deliver an even better gaming experience for the European players in the next test.”

Conqueror's Blade European X Test Planned for March

The developer also revealed more details about weapons and Legendary Legions in the game. Each weapon has many skills, of which players may select three normal and one ultra per weapon. Weapons can be unlocked at Trainers’ locations, and only two normal skills are available at first. Additional skills are unlocked as players level up. Each skill may be improved; leveled up skills will automatically replace the old ones and players will see a change in battle effects and movement.

Legendary Legions are more powerful and difficult to obtain than normal Legions. Players must first reach a certain level, and some require rare elements to unlock.

Four Legendary Legions are currently available in the game:

  1. Winged Hussar: Cavalry, a disruptive force that can unleash a massive attack
  2. Musketeer: Heavy armor counter, releases a massive attack on a single target
  3. Guanning Knight: Cavalry, a disruptive force
  4. Iron Buddha: Invincible melee Legion, but has slow movement

For more information, visit the Conqueror’s Blade website at or on Facebook at

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