Compass Point: West First Update Adds the Newspaper

Developer Next Games out of Helsinki, Finland, announced a new update for its free-to-play, action strategy game, Compass Point: West.

Within the update, a new feature is introduced – The Newspaper, which delivers a way for the player to find out what’s going on within the game.

Compass Point: West First Update Adds the Newspaper

In addition, The Newspaper will provide tips to help you get the most out of your sidekicks and win more battles, as well as glimpses of what will be added in future updates. Brand new issues of the Newspaper will appear frequently at your town’s Welcome gate, with some free diamonds inside! There is even a brand new mailbox next to the gate, where you can go browse all past issues of the newspaper.

The update also includes:

  • Sidekicks have been tweaked –  the brave Mercenary was sometimes ignoring buildings as he stormed past them on his horse a bit too hastily. The trusty old Shaman is even more trustier now. We noticed he was healing people either at twice the intended speed, or not at all. Must’ve got his spells all mixed up.
  • Improved Battles – the overall pathfinding and targeting abilities of all sidekicks has been improved. They should now behave a lot more during combat.
  • New, interesting missions have been added
  • After upgrading your Courthouse or Saloon you will now get a much clearer indication that shows you all the new buildings and cards that have been unlocked when the upgrade completes.
  • Collected cards now emphasize more clearly if they are permanent cards or instant cards, with the former moving into your card deck, while the latter is added more visibly to the relevant resource counter. Experience (XP) and battle points earned in the game are also more prominent now. You can see mission rewards on the map, injured troops are easier to track in your card deck, and the rally flag shows how long it will be active.

To wrap it all up, the visuals of the card packs, instant draws after battles and Traveling Show as well as card buttons got a nice bit of polish.

Compass Point: West is now out on the App Store.

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Source: Official Website