Company of Heroes 2: Turning Point – Update Detailed


SEGA and Relic Entertainment have announced that Company of Heroes 2 will be receiving the free update ‘Turning Point’ next week.

Sega has confirmed a November 12 release date, and detailed Turning Point:

  • 2 new maps to multiplayer, the industrial environment ‘Rails and Metal,” and urban locale, ‘Lazur Factory’
  • World Builder map-making tool, which allows players to craft environments and share them with the community
  • 4 new Commanders – 2 per faction, playable across multiplayer and skirmish modes

Relic Entertainment Executive Producer, Greg Wilson, said,

“We are excited to provide such a large content update to Company of Heroes 2 players. We are particularly proud to offer our community the much sought-after World Builder and are hoping to provide Steam Workshop integration and other mod features in the near future.”

Relic will showcase its two new maps via Twitch tomorrow, November 5.

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