Comic-Con: Bain’s Redemption on Steam Greenlight

We met up with Modern Entertainment HQ’s founder, Mike Shafer, at San Diego Comic-Con this week

Shafer was showcasing their Steam Greenlight action game, Bain’s Redemption.

He also stated that the 1st level and boss will be free in order to let players try out the game first.

Comic-Con Bain's Redemption on Steam Greenlight

Below is the game overview:

At its core, Bain’s Redemption is a beat em up game that harkens back to Double Dragon, Final Fight, and more of those quarter fueled classics. Giving Bain his main weapon, a katana, added another level of hack and slash action similar to Devil May Cry. Adding to this action is exploration, combat, puzzles, and stealth. However, the driving force of the game is its story and goals.

Bain seeks revenge on ACiD, a violent gang in Madison City, for the murder of his family. Bain was a courier for this secretive group, earning money to save his wife from a life-threatening disease. However, on his last run, ACiD decided they wanted to keep Bain. To ensure he had no connections to anything but the gang, they attempted to burn down his home, pegging their deaths as an accident. However, Bain senses trouble on his delivery and one of the members lets the plot slip. Bain returned to his home to find his family had been killed before the fires started. As the smoke rolled, he was dragged out by the police and framed for the murder of his family. Bain was sentenced to a life in the Madison Insane Asylum. However, after many years, Bain decided to escape and bring justice to those who deserved it.

Players will hunt down each of the corrupt police officers and ACiD members, while trying to figure out how deep the corruption is in Madison City.

Here are some screenshots:

Take a look at the official gameplay teaser:

What did you think? You can go to Bain’s Redemption Steam Greenlight website and vote if you’d like to see it on Steam.

Source: Official Website