COMBO QUEST 2 Launching Today for iOS

COMBO QUEST 2 Launching Today for iOS

Developer Tapinator in partnership with Boarding Party Games have announced that Combo Quest 2 is now available for iOS.

Combo Quest 2 delivers more heroes, more epic combos, and new items over 90 levels of non-stop action. Looking for a retro RPG experience mixed with the frantic pace of a rhythm game? Combo Quest 2 has you covered


  • Take the fight to the enemy with Combo Quest 2’s unique time-tap RPG combat mechanics
  • Choose from 20 different heroes with individual abilities and stats — including magical golems, speedy ninjas, and sharp-shooting gunslingers
  • Equip items to further customize your team of heroes, and get that competitive edge
  • Enjoy the company of 20 different companions — such as robots, dragons, lions, and even a chef (!)
  • Upgrade your heroes, companions, and items to increase their effectiveness in battle
  • Taste victory (or suffer defeat) in style — thanks to improved combat animations
  • Make your way through 90 challenging levels, including epic boss fights!

Here is the Combo Quest 2 official trailer:

You can now download Combo Quest 2 at the App Store.

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