Collectible 2D Shooter HOLODRIVE Heading to Steam March 24

Collectible 2D Shooter HOLODRIVE Heading on Steam March 24

Developer BitCake Studio has announced that 2D Shooter HOLODRIVE is heading to Steam tomorrow, March 24, 2016.

Holodrive is a crazy, super fast-paced multiplayer 2D shooter that could be described as “Quake meets Mario Kart, in 2D.” Controlling a cute robot called Dummy, you will fight other players in maze-like arenas wearing fashionable jetpacks, crazy weapons and unleashing unpredictable power-ups. If you are a fan of old platform shooters such as Soldat or Contra, imagine that on steroids and with robots.

Collectible 2D Shooter HOLODRIVE Heading on Steam March 24

Collectible 2D Shooter

Holodrive offers up to 4v4 multiplayer combat, 3 different game modes and a wide variety of weapons and power-ups, to make every match unforgettable and unpredictable. Players can kill each other in Deathmatches, or play the original Collectors mode: a mix of deathmatch action and capture the flag strategy.

Another big aspect of Holodrive is the collection: players can open “Holopacks”, holographic containers that will give one item from the big album. Every page features one customization set, complete with a unique weapon and a jetpack. Customize your character from head to feet and change your gameplay with new kinds of weapons. Complete the collection and create the most fashionable Dummy ever seen!

Collectible 2D Shooter HOLODRIVE Heading on Steam March 24

Holodrive Early Access: two ways to get in

As any multiplayer game, Holodrive is better enjoyed with a big community. But it’s still in Early Access, so the developers decided have two ways of letting players gain access to the game:

Purchasing the Early Access Supporter Pack available on Steam will reward anyone with two keys to the game (one as a gift to share) and a pack of exclusive in-game items that will only be available during Early Access; such as the Scout costume from Team Fortress 2.

Joining the Waiting List will offer players that want to try the game at their own pace the chance of getting a Steam Key. The keys will be sent out frequently and on a first come first serve basis so the earlier you sign up the less queue you will face! Players can join the waiting list by subscribing here.

But that does not mean one excludes the other: you can still purchase the Early Access Supporter Pack if you get a key through the Waiting List. The pack will still give you the super-cool items that will only be available during Early Access, some in-game items to start off looking good and an extra key so you can invite a friend in.

Collectible 2D Shooter HOLODRIVE Heading on Steam March 24

Why offer Holodrive for free?

The developers of Holodrive believe making the game available for free is the way achieve the true potential of a multiplayer title like this one. Holodrive does not have a single player mode, and is no fun with no people – so any new player is good for everyone.

And even though the words “free-to-play” give chills to any hardcore gamer out there, the developers also know that feeling. Holodrive will offer in-app purchases, but everything that is sold can be acquired just by playing the game. Collecting items to equip plays a big role, and you will always be getting new equipment or using the ones you don’t want for crafting!

Watch the Holodrive announcement trailer:

Holodrive launches for PC on Steam tomorrow, March 24, 2016.