COLINA: Legacy Psychological Horror Game Makes a Splash at PAX East 2017

COLINA: Legacy Psychological Horror Game Makes a Splash at PAX East 2017

As you may soon learn, if you haven’t already, a breakthrough game is on the verge of shaking up the massive virtual entertainment universe as we know it – COLINA: Legacy.

Produced by CHANCE6 Studios, COLINA: Legacy takes its players on a rollercoaster ride through a third person, psychological, murder mystery – where all is not what it seems to be. A shocking twist at the end of the six-hour adventure will change the way gaming is viewed by even the most avid of enthusiasts.

A Chilling Experience

Falling under the genres of psychological horror, indie, adventure and puzzle, COLINA: Legacy follows a young boy, Alex, who navigates through a house of horrors while deciphering clues, analyzing puzzles and engaging in combat – all in order to escape the unknown. The spine-tingling experience is designed to provoke innovative thinking and problem-solving within the player, who takes on a surprisingly integral role. The game focuses on strong storylines, pacing and ambiance to build and exploit tension.

A Highly Accessible Adventure

Scheduled for release in winter 2017, COLINA: Legacy will be available in North America and additional markets – for a very reasonable $15.00 (USD) – on platforms including Xbox One, PS4, PC, Linux. Built using UNITY, a top game development platform, COLINA: Legacy currently offers subtitles in 30 languages and features voice acting in seven languages with potential to expand.

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