Coffee Stain Invests in New Developer Lavapotion

Coffee Stain Invests in New Developer Lavapotion

Gothenburg, Sweden – A team of industry veterans has today announced Lavapotion, a new games studio based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Coffee Stain, makers of Goat Simulator, enters as seed investor and co-owner of the company.

Lavapotion is currently working on an unannounced strategy game title. The team has a background primarily with mobile and free to play, but are actively choosing a different path for their new company. The title in development will be a premium game aimed at the PC and tablet audience.

“Honestly, it feels just great to leave the free to play bullshit behind us. Getting to work with an investor who cares more about the way we design spell systems rather than how we maximize profit is a fresh break from what we are used to.” says Magnus Alm, co-founder of Lavapotion.

Coffee Stain Invests in New Developer Lavapotion

The game in development is a strategy title within the fantasy genre. No other details has been revealed so far.

“When the Lavapotion team pitched we immediately felt we had to get in on it.” says Anton Westbergh, CEO of Coffee Stain. “Their game concept is a homage to an old school type of strategy games we’ve spent hundreds if not thousands of hours playing ourselves” he continues.

Other than the original founders, Coffee Stain is the sole investor into the company, securing a minority stake of shares. The Lavapotion studio currently holds four employees, working from a secret headquarter in central Gothenburg. The company is expecting to raise a further round of capital in order to grow to around 10 employees and complete the game.

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