Codemasters Looking for Android Beta Testers

Codemasters announced that they are looking for Android Beta testers to help test their latest mobile game, Cube 2 Cubes.

Here is how to join the Codemasters Android Beta tester program:

  • Join the Codemasters Google+ Community, just make sure you join using the same account you have linked to your Android device
  • Opt-in to the Beta by clicking here
  • Install Cube 2 Cubes from here – You’ll need to have completed steps 1 and 2 before this link will work, please allow up to an hour for your Google Play account to update.
  • Launch the game and tap away!

You can view the official Codemasters tweet below:

Let us know if you are planning on signing up and what you think of Cube 2 Cubes.

Source: Codies Blog