Clumzee Now Available for Mobile

Clumzee Now Available for Mobile

Developer Triple Hill has announced that its mobile game, Clumzee, is now available on iOS and Android devices.

Clumzee tells the story of clumsy furball Jimmy — nicknamed “Clumzee” by his not-so-friendly furball “friends.” Tired of dealing with the verbal abuse, Jimmy decides to climb the legendary (and very dangerous) Dreaded Path to put the bullies in their place.

As Clumzee, touch the screen to move each one of his limbs in the desired direction. Reach platforms, outsmart the monster’s minions, and dodge projectiles such as cannon fire and spinning gears to avoid becoming a protein-rich monster meal!

Clumzee Now Available for Mobile

Clumzee includes eight thematic worlds — all procedurally-generated. Each world grants you a unique ability:

  • Factory: Use a magnet to collect coins from afar
  • Space: Take off on a jetpack!
  • Canyon: Trigger an avalanche to destroy all visible minions
  • Forest: Grow one leg back!
  • Candyland: Can you find the mystery gift?
  • Winter: Summon a freezing storm to slow time down
  • Castle: Destroy traps with powerful gloves
  • Spooky: Become an (almost) invulnerable ghost! Don’t drop too low, though: The monster can still reach out and eat you

Clumzee is now available on the App Store and Google Play.

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