Cloud Pirates Launches on Early Access with Gold Rush Update

Cloud Pirates Launches on Early Access with Gold Rush Update

Amsterdam, The Netherlands – The Allods Team and global publisher are proud to announce the Early Access phase for Cloud Pirates has officially started with the introduction of the “Gold Rush” update. The update introduces a brand-new game mode, in which a team of seven Cloud Pirate captains are tasked with protecting a convoy carrying precious ore. The second team of seven captains are tasked with destroying the convoy and capturing its contents. Whether players protect the convoy ships and get paid by the Taskmaster, or plunder its smoldering remains, one thing is for certain – untold riches await those who hear the call of the Gold Rush. Get access to the head start at

Deck out your pirate airship with cutting edge weaponry in Cloud Pirates, an action MMO in which you fire your cannons to crush the enemy in fast-paced aerial battles! Cloud Pirates is a new action MMO in which players can take command of a customizable airship and navigate the clouds to take part in exciting fast-paced aerial battles. In Cloud Pirates, captains can blaze through science-fiction fantasy battlefields and cooperate with their squadron to outgun or outsmart the rivaling team.

Watch the Cloud Pirates Gold Rush Update Gameplay Trailer:

You can sign up for the Cloud Pirates Beta here.

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