Cloud Pirates Announces Closed Beta Dates

Cloud Pirates Announces Closed Beta Dates

Get Guaranteed Access to the Upcoming Closed Beta

Amsterdam, The Netherlands – October 11, 2016 – Developer Allods Team and global publisher are proud to announce that the first round of closed beta testing for Cloud Pirates will start on October 18. The first closed beta will run for one week, ending on October 24, and all players who have purchased the Cloud Pirates founder packs will have guaranteed access the closed beta.

In the closed beta, players will get an opportunity to try twenty one playable ships within three weight-categories on four different maps via four different game modes such as: Deathmatch, Control Point Capture, Deadman’s Chest, and Payload Escort.

All players who signed up for the beta will have a chance to be picked for the upcoming beta. To have a guaranteed access, players can also get one of the founder packs that have been revealed today. Besides guaranteed access to all CBT phases, players will get the following exclusive content:

  • Early access prior to release for true pirates who are willing to be the first to win
  • Two elite airships with skins exclusive to the founders pack
  • Two sets of special sails for all airships available at release
  • Extended treasure map storage
  • And much more…

Watch the new Cloud Pirates Feature Trailer:

Please check the full content of each pack go here

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