CLOCKWORK Needs Your Vote on Steam Greenlight

CLOCKWORK Needs Your Vote on Steam Greenlight

As Gamesoft’s debut title reaches #7 on Steam Greenlight, learn about the sprawling city of Watchtower and some of its inhabitants

Sydney, AustraliaGamesoft’s breakthrough debut game, Clockwork, has been upvoted to #7 out more than 2200 games on Steam Greenlight, after only two weeks. As it continues to climb the charts, fans can now get their first in-depth look at the characters and world of Clockwork in anticipation of full release in Q3 2016.

About Clockwork:

Clockwork is a time-bending puzzle-platformer that tells the story of Atto, a lonely mechanical boy in the great city of Watchtower. Explore the city, discover its mysterious past, control time and fight terrifying boss battles. It features over 60 hand-drawn, steampunk-inspired levels.

Clockwork Game Features:

  • 60+ challenging puzzle-platformer levels through multiple districts of Watchtower
  • Unique time-manipulation gameplay mechanic with plenty of tricky puzzles
  • Rich and rewarding storytelling
  • Hand-drawn, steampunk-inspired aesthetic and smooth animations
  • Fantastically realized characters and the world
  • Action & Strategy heavy boss battles

Watch the Clockwork Steam Greenlight Announcement Trailer:

Fans can continue to support Clockwork’s pre-release campaign on Steam Greenlight with up-votes before the game is approved and launches on PC and Mac in Q3 2016.