Clash of Queens Anniversary Celebration: Age of Radiance

Clash of Queens Anniversary Celebration: Age of Radiance

NEW YORK — In the fervent hope of global players, Clash of Queens One Year Anniversary Edition will finally be released in the middle of May.

Based on the magical medieval war age in Europe, Clash of Queens is a multi-player RTS mobile war game produced by ElexUsers can battle with global players in the game, and enjoy the fierce art of war. Elex has prepared lots of brand new game-play features for users in the One Year Anniversary Edition.

Alliance Cross-Server Battle In Arena

Elex has added the Alliance Cross-Server Arena in the upcoming version. Users can join the Cross-Server Arena with their Alliance, and compete with players of higher rankings in different servers. Go with your allies and find out who is the real ruler of the world.

Brand New Radiance Buildings

Upgrading the Castles and fortifying troops is the first step towards becoming a supreme ruler. In the upcoming version, users can unlock Radiance Buildings and new building effects by upgrading their castle over level 30. Furthermore, with the Castle upgrades, troops will also gain significant power, and can launch devastating attacks upon enemies.

Different Culture Styles for Units and Castles

In the Anniversary events, we’ve added some unique culture styles in the game. Soldiers will become special units with different styles, and special skills along with the style will definitely strengthen your troops. The Queen and her Alliance members can donate to change the Landscape to a different culture style. Curious about the exact look of them? Come find out in the game.

Since the official release of Clash of Queens early 2016, players from all over the world have been constructing and upgrading Castles, establishing Alliances, raging wars, and declaring the servers theirs. Meanwhile, we, Clash of Queens Game Studio, will always look out for innovations on game play to create a better gaming experience for the players. Come try out this fun and brilliant medieval war game on your platform. We await you in the game!

You can download Clash of Queens on Google Play and the App Store.

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