Clash of Kings Dev Elex Reveals Why the Game is Growing So Fast

Clash of Kings Dev Elex Reveals Why the Game is Growing So Fast

NEW YORK, Dec. 11, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Since its release in 2014, Clash of Kings has dominated Google Play and App Store with more than 70 million downloads, quickly climbing the ranks and claiming the title of No.5 highest-grossing app overall. But how did this game manage to grow so fast that everyone uses it as a stand-in phrase for “fastest growing and very successful mobile game?”

Clash of Clans has impressed the games world in terms of cultural impact, market penetration, and financial success. On December 8th, 2015, Clash of Kings was in the top 5 highest grossing  Android games in the United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Switzerland, Singapore, Spain, Italy, Russia, France,Germany and 70 other countries.

Creating a successful mobile game is not any easy task. There are thousands of games on app stores, and chances are you can probably only think of a few popular ones off the top of your head. What makes these games so successful and have the developers discovered a secret formula for creating hit games? It would certainly appear that way for Clash of Kings developer – ELEX.

Any reason that makes people play Clash of Kings more and more is the reason for the popularity of the game. Well, here are the secrets behind the game’s success revealed by the Chief Producer at ELEX,  Peng Yue:

  • The game is well balanced.  The game is surprisingly well balanced between attacks and defence, efforts and the time for leveling up, etc., especially for newbies. It is a game which combines different genres of action, fantasy and strategy, with bird’s-eye view of castles and battlefields, that makes it very addicting. It’s one of the most balanced mobile games I have ever seen.
  • It’s a social game. Players can play with their friends and crush their enemies in wars together even if they all using different platforms (available for free for Android, for iOS and for PC devices). Moreover, the PC version is especially developed for those people who want to play the game with their Facebook friends. Wish to become the top most player in the game makes people play the game for a long time.
  • Wars. Wars are the best part of the game. Players can prove their skills and strategies in wars.
  • Chat. Chat contributes a great part to its popularity. Everyone love this feature of the game. Many play the game only for chatting, especially girls.
  • Alliances. The extra dimension to the game is that you can create or join alliances. Being part of an alliance has its benefits, especially to help each others win wars. By this way, people around the world play this game and the game is becoming famous.
  • Never ending upgrades by the developer ELEX. Every week the developer releases a new update with new features or fixes and improvements that make people keep playing the game with new content. They keep bringing new things and keep giving away free gold and resources for a few times a week, that keeps the game interesting even for free players.

Clash of Kings is currently launching TV campaigns and the first commercials have been aired on the main American TVs. It seems that for now, the new TV ad campaigns have largely worked well. New charts from the App Annie Store Stats shows just how effective the TV commercials are at convincing American adults to download the latest hit game. Moreover, the game is now the top No. 5 and No. 11 highest grossing apps on the US Google Play and App Store grossing charts, respectively.

Clash of Kings is a very popular game as it is a massively multiplayer online (MMO) strategy game. This is a platform where people from different places, from all over the world come, interact and play, win and defeat each other. It is a game that involves skills and some heavy thinking and strategy-making. And its concept and missions as players progress makes it even more addictive.

Clash of Kings is available for download on Google PlayApp Store and PC.

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