CivCraft Legends of Ellaria New Screenshots and Gameplay Demo

Developer Larkon Studio has released new screenshots and gameplay demo for its first-person-shooter, CivCraft Legends of Ellaria.

In addition, the developer announced its upcoming Kickstarter campaign, beginning August 9, 2015.

CivCraft Legends Of Ellaria is a new game concept of combining First Person Action RPG genre with Real Time Strategy (RTS). You can rule kingdoms, build cities, shape your land, fight epic battles and control magic in a vast and immersive open world.

CivCraft Legends of Ellaria Gaming Cypher

And, here is the new gameplay demo featuring Greenside Village

CivCraft Legends of Ellaria is being developed for PS3, Xbox 360, tablet, PC, Mac and Linux. The game has been Greenlit on Steam.

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Source: Official Website