CivCraft Legends of Ellaria Announced

Developer Larkon Studios has announced its first-person-shooter, CivCraft Legends of Ellaria.

CivCraft Legends of Ellaria Announced

Here is what the developer had to say about CivCraft Legends of Ellaria:

CivCraft is an innovative video game, developed with an “out of the box
game” idea in mind. This type of game is a new game genre, allowing you to
combine FPS, RTS, 4X, Sandbox and RPG elements into a single game, all
without over-burdening players with too many buttons or having to

In most RTS (and Hybrid) games, the kingdom you control has units and
buildings, that does whatever you tell them to do. However, In CivCraft,
the kingdom you build contains realistic NPC’s that has their own lives and
each is unique . In addition, CivCraft is an adventure RPG, with places to
explore, enemies to fight and riches to find.

In this way the player has the ability to control the game in the
perspective he choose. The game reflects the the player’s own world in a
precise and much more enjoyable way.

It’s a real live world. You can interact with all NPCs there, and they
will continue on with their lives even if you aren’t standing right next to
them. The game develops and grows even without direct interference from the
player, and you are not limited by linear gameplay or specific tasks.

This idea evolved after years of gaming and developing games, from playing
titles like Dune 2000 and up to Skyrim, and it quickly matured from an idea
to a full-time project. We believe CivCraft could actually bring the
fantasy RPG (and RTS) games to a whole new level, and hope that everyone
will find it to be a refreshing and fun game to play.

Take a look at some of CivCraft Legends of Ellaria screenshots below:

The developer promised us that a video will be coming out shortly, so stay tuned. Meanwhile, go ahead and check out the CivCraft Legends of Ellaria website, where you can sign up to receive a demo of the game.

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Source: CivCraft