Cityconomy Open World Simulation to Release Dec. 2nd

Cityconomy Open World Simulation to Release Dec. 2nd

Mönchengladbach/Germany –The inhabitants of the metropolis in Cityconomy are already waiting eagerly for help from the new service company, which shall ensure cleanliness and well-being in the city.  The games publisher Astragon announced that the official release date of Cityconomy is December 2nd, 2015.

“Talking to many visitors at gamescom and watching them having fun with Cityconomy for the first time was an amazing experience. We have also been receiving a lot of positive feedback from the community on our social media channels. Now we’re very excited to put that knowledge into practice. With a little more time we will be able to expand the gameplay, add more content and polish the game in order to deliver an even greater product,” said Michał Litworowski, CEO ‎and co-founder of the developer studio Nano Games Ltd.

In Cityconomy players slip in the role of a holder of a private service-company, which is serving a whole city! In a metropolis there’s work to do at every corner – from the classic waste removal over sewer cleaning, from tow service up to maintaining the green areas. In Cityconomy the virtual service providers can expect a huge and freely drivable city with diverse districts and varied missions. To manage all these tasks, the players can access a variety of faithfully vehicles und machines, including numerous licensed Trucks from the model ranges TGL and TGM of the renowned German manufacturer MAN!

Moreover, Cityconomy will include an extensive multiplayer mode, where up to five players can manage a service company cooperatively and keep the city in a good condition more efficiently. Whether with friends or with players from around the world – using the integrated voice chat, the staff of the virtual company can swap ideas at any time, define common objectives and coordinate the tasks among themselves.

Take a look at the Cityconomy launch trailer:

Cityconomy will be released tomorrow, December 2nd, 2015 for PC on Steam.

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