CIBOS Needs Your Support on Kickstarter, Already Greenlit

CIBOS Needs Your Support on Kickstarter, Already Greenlit

Small indie studio based in Strasbourg, I Am A Dog Studio, has announced that their game, CIBOS is in developement and currently doing a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to finance the online multi player mode of the game.

The CIBOS are little aliens who are always working. Your mission consists of collecting the most bolt possible in a waste processing plant and if you do greatly, you may become Employee of the Year, or even the galaxy! The game offers a satyr, a metaphor on the world of employment.

CIBOS is a casual game action, plateformer fun, and very dynamic, with an original graphic bias. It is intended for MAC an PC.

CIBOS Needs Your Support on Kickstarter, Already Greenlit

CIBOS will contain 3 modes :

  1. Online solo. A scenario takes place level by level, with objectives to forfill to unlock the next levels. Online you play against all the players of the globe, your scores will appear on a global high score board. 16 levels divided on 4 worlds are intended for this part.
  2. Multiplayer up to 4 players in free for all and 2 against 2 in teams, players will be able to create their own tournament.
  3. Online multiplayer up to 4 players. The more you play, the more levels you unlock while upgrading your status.

CIBOS Needs Your Support on Kickstarter, Already Greenlit

Game elements on the employment thematic.

Various powers

  • The boss power-up, will turn the player invincible and dangerous for other players
  • The super-employee power-up, wich allows an easier way to catch bolts thanks to a magnet effect
  • The X2 multiplier wich boosts the collect and allows combos if several are caught
  • The platinum button, a big bolt who counts for 10

The coffee break
After every game (for the multiplayer mode) the first to finish his coffee will win bonus bolts.

The workplace accident

  • For the solo mode, this equals a game over. the player will have to replay the level, if he was crushed by a stage element, or if he falls in a hole.
  • In multiplayer, you lose bolts and time.

The HR manager

  • In solo, you are fired (game-over) if he touches you, the level will restart.
  • In multiplayer, he preaches at you and makes you lose collect time.

Moving stages and changing geography during game phases, machinery, des robots, ships and multiple platforms, will bring variety and a increasing difficulty in every levels. The gameplay is renewed in every levels!

Here is the official CIBOS Kickstarter Trailer:

CIBOS has 15 days left on Kickstarter so head on over there and help support them. You can also check out the Steam Greenlight page.