CHURCHILL SOLITAIRE Launches for Android


CHURCHILL SOLITAIRE Launches for Android

With 650,000+ downloads, viral solitaire game comes to Google Play for Android devices

Washington D.C. – Today Winston Churchill’s favorite version of solitaire, once lost to the ages, is coming to Android devices. Earlier this year, CHURCHILL SOLITAIRE was named an Apple “best new game” and received more than 650,000 total downloads, becoming the fifth most downloaded mobile game in the world during the week of launch earlier this year. Javelin, the digital and creative agency behind the development of the viral app announced that the game will be live in the Google Play Store as of noon on June 21, 2016.

The free game (with in-app purchases) will be available on virtually all mobile devices via Google’s Play store and Apple’s AppStore.  Players can download CHURCHILL SOLITAIRE for free and purchase more deals, hints and undos in the game’s store.

Originally launched in January 2016 and garnering coverage from The New Yorker to the Wall Street Journal to NBC’S TODAY Show to CBS’s Late Show with Steven Colbert to ABC’s The View and rave reviews from WIRED to Bloomberg BusinessWeek, CHURCHILL SOLITAIRE is a daunting variation of the traditional Solitaire game, using two full decks of cards and requiring players to liberate six additional cards, called “The Devil’s Six” placed at the top of the board.

“I was delighted that Churchill Solitaire received such a warm reception when we launched the game six months ago. The game will now live on for future generations, and continue to generate revenues that will help wounded U.S. military veterans and the families of the fallen,” said Donald Rumsfeld. The Rumsfeld Foundation will announce its grants to military-related charities later this summer.

“We now can put the most challenging game of solitaire ever devised in the hands of more than 1.5 billion active Android users worldwide. The single most frequent request and question we’ve received over the last six months is for the Android version.  We’re thrilled that now those mobile users can play the game that so many card and Churchill enthusiasts have already fallen in love with,” said Keith Urbahn, a partner at Javelin, the Alexandria, Va. digital and communications agency that oversaw the creation of the app.

Watch the official Churchill Solitaire trailer:

CHURCHILL SOLITAIRE, “the most diabolical version of solitaire ever devised,” has been approved by and licensed from the Churchill estate.  Churchill Heritage Ltd represents the Churchill family for the use of Sir Winston’s name and image in commercial endeavors, with the monies raised being distributed to good causes associated with his life and legacy.

CHURCHILL SOLITAIRE is available on Google Play and the App Store.

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