Chroma Squad PC Review

This is the review for the PC version of turn-based, tactical RPG title, Chroma Squad by Behold Studios.

In Chroma Squad, players will manage a sentai television studio, casting actors, purchasing equipment and crafting weapons and giant mechas out of cardboard and glue to create their own sentai TV show. Once the cameras are rolling, players will control their cast of five colored-jumpsuit-clad warriors in dramatic, turn-based battles. The developers behind the game grew up watching sentai series like Flashman and Changeman, as well as Saban’s Power Rangers, which had a particularly huge influence on the creation of Chroma Squad.

Chroma Squad PC Preview


Chroma Squad graphics are old-school to the max. If you love retro gaming, then you’ll appreciate the graphics here. We gave the graphics a 4/5.

Chroma Squad contains cool soundtracks that seem to fit perfectly with the scenes. You’ll feel like you’re in a Power Rangers episode. We gave the sound 5/5.

Chroma Squad PC Preview


Chroma Squad features team-based combat, which will force the player to think about strategy when it comes to defeating the enemies. What’s fun about the teamwork is the acrobatics aspect, where the characters help launch one another to help defeat enemies. And don’t forget strategic positioning of the squad! In addition, each scene contains humor and nostalgic references to the old old Power Rangers episodes.

We also appreciated the small details from the director shouting out commands to the audience interaction. The game is fun and immersive in an old-school kind of way. If we could improve one thing it would be to add a bit more challenge when it comes to Mech Battles as well as having a bit more tutorial on some aspects of the game. We gave the gameplay a 4 / 5.

Chroma Squad features very simple, point and click the mouse controls. No glitches there. We gave the controls a 5 / 5.

Overall, Chroma Squad brings nostalgia to old-school games, beginning with the 8 bit graphics and continuing onto the gameplay. We appreciated the combined retro feel with the new modern technology that’s been brought into the game. We recommend a buy if you are a Power Rangers fan and love retro gaming.


4 / 5

And here is the official game trailer:

You can download Chroma Squad for $14.99 on Steam.