Chariot Wars Review for PC

This is our review for Chariot Wars by developer OM Entertainment, a story-driven arcade racing game set in Ancient Rome.

Chariot Wars Review for PC


  • Single player arcade racing including Championship and Time Trial modes
  • Exciting story told via a digital graphic novel
  • Levels set in Ancient Greece, Egypt, Helvetia and Gaul during day and night levels
  • Eight different chariot models
  • Male and female charioteer avatars
  • Multiple horse types to unlock and upgrade
  • Real-time 8 player multiplayer
  • Lobby, achievements and global leaderboardChariot Wars Review for PC


  1. We enjoyed the graphics as the colors seemed to pop off the screen with realistic Roman era influence.
  2. We liked the character choices as well as the horses and chariots.
  3. If you like racing and are tired of the car race scene, then this game is definitely a fun change of pace.
  4. You can play Single or Multiplayer modes.
  5. In Single Player mode, you can practice away in the Timed Trial runs and then proceed into the Championship mode when ready.
  6. Neat Roman era type music, which you can turn off or on.
  7. Easy WASD or Direction Arrows controls, Space Bar for speed boost.Chariot Wars Review for PC


  1. When game first starts, right after the cut scene (which is very long), you see 4 blank bars so we had to click on the top one, which took us back to another screen with 3 blank lines. After clicking on several blank bars, we were finally brought to the selection menus. It was a bit confusing and took a while to get to the Main Menu.
  2. A couple of times after crashing the chariot, our horse continued the race into the sky and just stayed in the same spot running its hooves while the timer continued.
  3. We would like to see a little status map in the bottom somewhere of where the other charioteers are instead of just racing blindly and not being sure where you are.
  4. We would also like to see some type of coin accrual gauge at the top of the screen while racing and collecting coins

Here is the launch trailer:

Overall, we enjoyed playing Chariot Wars and would like to see some fixes for smoother play.

We gave Chariot Wars 7/10.

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