Chapter 2 Now Playable for Atmospheric Adventure Typing Game EPISTORY

Chapter 2 Now Playable for Atmospheric Adventure Typing Game EPISTORY

Developer  Fishing Cactus has announced that Chapter 2 of atmospheric adventure typing game, Epistory, is now playable on Steam Early Access.

Epistory arrived on Steam Early Access in September and introduced players to its magical origami inspired world that literally unfolds as players progress by utilizing their typing skills to defeat enemies, solve puzzles and upgrade abilities. In chapter two players can continue their adventure in two new dungeons – Ice Mountain and Water Springs.

Epistory Developer notes:

After fighting an insectile corruption and embracing the power of fire, we left our heroine and her companion at the edge of the Forgotten Forest. Along the treacherous, twisting paths of her adventure, she began to uncover the secret pieces of her story. Now she must fight not to drown under the crushing weight of uncertainty and fight with dignity to restore her inner peace.

Discover new enemies, learn new magic and explore two brand new dungeons full of mystery. Be brave; for there is no turning back on the way to the truth.

After a bug in our save system was found, we cannot guarantee compatibility between the update and the current (Halloween) version. Depending on where you last left the game it will work, or not. Regardless of the state of the save, we recommend a new game because of the work that has been done in the first two dungeons.

Here is the Epistory Chapter 2 announcement video:

Epistory is slated for a full release on Windows, Mac and Linux in Q1 2016.

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